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Youth focus on remembrance
  1. Local students honour veterans through creative art, writing
  3. Legion Poster and Essay Contest Exemplifies Youth Remembrance

Eshkibok wants our youth to learn about through this contest. She adds that there are a lot of roots and a lot of veterans in Wiikwemkoong making for a lot of stories to write about. She suggests that youth who do not have any veterans in their family look at the names on the cenotaph and research the stories of the veterans listed there.

Local students honour veterans through creative art, writing

She explains that most of the Anishinaabek who went to war had to enfranchise so they could become Canadian citizens in order to fight for Canada, and in doing so, they gave up their rights as Anishinaabek. What is probably most heartbreaking is that most of the veterans, while considered equal on the battlefield, were not considered equal upon their return home from war. Eshkibok believes this is history that needs to be remembered. Many area businesses believe in the goals of the contest as well and Ms.

Eshkibok received resounding support for the contest through monetary donations for prizes. In addition to hosting this contest, Ms. Eshkibok works to ensure that Anishinaabek veterans are recognized through researching veterans who are not currently included in the Military Service Recognition Book, produced by the Royal Canadian Legion.

Because to forget would be an insult to those who fought, that is why we remember. To see the people in my community have that day, to really think about them and honour them.


The purpose of remembrance, she said, is to ensure we do not become too confident and comfortable, and to ensure we do not forget the pain and suffering from past wars, to which she has a personal connection. After the war, her grandmother met her grandfather, and the family eventually immigrated to Canada to start a new life.

Veterans Day 2012: Poster and Essay Contest Winners

This is her second time entering the contest, she said, having made it to the provincial level last year. This year she was determined to make it further. Two veterans are separated from her by a river, and the National Vimy Memorial can be seen in the distance. Her poster is a clear reflection of the suffering, separation and loss caused by war.

Winners announced in Remembrance Day contest

Beth Kirby of Cornwall, P. I think of those who volunteered their futures for their country. All of them with different motivations, but all with one goal and purpose. I think about sacrifice, about humanity and the loss of it. I think about unmarked graves that do no justice to those buried in them. I think about the fading memories a little brother has of his greatest role model.

Legion Poster and Essay Contest Exemplifies Youth Remembrance

Winners from each category of the contest are selected from each grade level, from kindergarten to ninth, and then displayed at the annual Remembrance Day dinner at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 9. Winning entries of the poster contest, a primary level contest, and the poem and essay contests, elementary and intermediate levels, are sent to Provincial Command of the Royal Canadian Legion to be judged on a provincial basis.

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