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Development of a software framework for the detection of copy-move text forgeries: analysis of background areas. Development of a software framework for the detection of copy-move text forgeries: analysis of text areas. Evaluation of a novel blockchain-based distributed ledger. Satoshi Dice: history, principles, and effects on the Bitcoin network. Statistical modeling of individual agent behavior in blockchain-based systems.

Theoretical and empirical forensic detection limits in case of slight signal downsampling. Benchmarking application layer protocols for the Internet of Things.

Security and Privacy Lab

Exploring steganographic channels in Minecraft-like computer games. Analysis of Solidity programming pitfalls and compiler-based solutions. Attack vectors against 2D barcode tickets. Design and development of a tool for forensic analysis of mobile instant messenger applications. Digital signatures to increase security of 2D barcode ticketing systems.

Eduthereum — A system for storing educational certificates in a public blockchain. Establishment of a benchmarking image dataset of copy-move text forgeries. Forensic analysis of mobile instant messenger applications using semantic analysis.

R package for channel coding with convolutional codes. Simulation and analysis of the selfish-mining attack on Bitcoin. Visualisation of cloud performance and security metrics taking account of data protection. In the first part of this thesis, we give an overview of the various basic characteristics of insider cyber-security threats. We also consider current approaches and controls of mitigating the level of such threats by broadly classifying them in two categories: a technical mitigation approaches, and b non-technical mitigation approaches.

64 Cyber Security jobs

We review case studies of insider crimes to understand how authorised users could harm their organisations by dividing these cases into seven groups based on insider threat categories as follows: a insider IT sabotage, b insider IT fraud, c insider theft of intellectual property, d insider social engineering, e unintentional insider threat incident, f insider in cloud computing, and g insider national security.

In the second part of this thesis, we present a novel approach to predict malicious insider threats before the breach takes place. A prediction model was first developed based on the outcomes of the research literature which highlighted main prediction factors with the insider indicator variables. Then Bayesian network statistical methods were used to implement and test the proposed model by using dummy data. A survey was conducted to collect real data from a single organisation.

A malicious individual can attack the network through ad hoc networks, non-traditional networks, network injection, caffe latte attack. Firewall: Firewall has been discussed above.

A multiple-perspective approach for insider-threat risk prediction in cyber-security

It regulates the traffic on the network and is a security measure for communication on the network. It is an interesting research paper topic in network security. Endpoint Security: Endpoint Security is another approach for network security in which remote networks are secured. In this devices follow certain security standards. The main components of this type of security are VPN Virtual Private Network , operating system and an antivirus software. This security management process operates on the client-server model.

Software as a Service is another model used in this case. Honeypot: Honeypot is another security mechanism for network security. It detects, deflects and counteracts the unauthorized use of information systems.

It consists of data which is isolated and monitored but appears as if it is a part of the site. Honeypots are classified into two categories production honeypot and research honeypot. Production honeypots capture only limited information and are easy to use whereas research honeypots collect information about the black hat communities who are trying to attack the network.

Based on their design, honeypots can be classified as pure honeypots, low-interaction honeypots, and high-interaction honeypots.

Go for this topic for your thesis as it is an innovative topic. Hole Punching: It is a computer networking technique that uses network address translation NAT for establishing the direct connection between the two parties.

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In this one or both the parties may be behind firewalls. For punching a hole, each of the clients connects to a third-party server which is unrestricted for temporarily storing external and internal address and port information. As a result, packets are transferred to each side.

The malware code can be in the form of viruses, worms, Trojan horses, or spyware. The aim of malware detection is to find and remove any type of malware code from the network.

Computer Security Phd Thesis -

Antivirus software, firewalls, and other such strategies help in detecting malware in the network. It is one of the good topics in network security for project and thesis. It is also an interesting topic in network security. The strategies applied revolves around the CIA objectives which is expanded as confidentiality, integrity, and availability. These objectives ensure that only authorized users can access the information.

These are some of the latest interesting topics in network security for thesis as well as for research. If you face any difficulty in this area you can get thesis guidance and thesis help in network security from networking experts. Techsparks offer thesis and research help in network security topics.